Buying Guide for Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner

You are all set to dive into your swimming pool; soon, you see a layer of dirt on the pool floor. Now what? Would you jump in your pool and hold your breath to clean dirt and debris? Nobody would like that. So, what is the effective way to clean your pool? In this guide, you can learn all the relevant information for cleaning your pool.

Now, you know the importance of a pool cleaner. Let's move on to the criteria you should apply in your decision-making process for buying a pool cleaner.

Choose a model

Hose length, canister size, and other parts of vacuum cleaner matter while choosing a vacuum cleaner model. In cordless vacuum cleaners, there is no hose. Thus you can eliminate the hose length consideration. Because cordless vacuum cleaners are battery operated, it doesn't require an external power source. This feature of the cordless swimming pool vacuum cleaner provides freedom of movement to the vacuum cleaner so that you can clean every corner of the pool floor.

The efficiency of vacuum cleaner

There is no point in buying a vacuum cleaner unless it works efficiently. For that, you may need to look for specific features in the model, such as the vacuum cleaner run time. Run time varies according to the type of model; for instance, a robotic pool cleaner delivers a run time of up to 4 hours on a daily charge, and some may also deliver 45 minutes of run time. Hence, you can choose a model keeping in mind the cleaning requirement of your pool.

Smart features

Smart features let you program your cleaning cycle. You can set your cleaning cycle daily or weekly. Such features are available in robot pool cleaners; the CX-1 robot pool cleaners provide two different modes to maintain your cleaning cycle.

A Vacuum Store provides all types of vacuum cleaners with smart features which allow you flexibility for maintaining your cleaning work. Whether looking for the best vacuum cleaner for commercial carpet cleaning in Calgary or a cordless pool vacuum cleaner, all models provide the best possible features. For instance, our cordless commercial pool vacuum cleaner is engineered with a P40 heavy-duty pool blaster engine which is powerful enough to capture golf ball size debris.

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